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Learn to balance your hormones

Learn how to seed cycle and how to support your cycle with food  

Facebook group Opens April 19

And starts April 22  

Just becuase PMS is common doesn't mean it is normal.

Do you feel irritable

Do you get headaches

Do you have trouble sleeping

Feel anxious and depressed in the month

Do you get acne or tender breasts

Do you feel bloated, and or constipated

Do you get cravings and mood swings

All signs that your hormonal symphony is out of balance and your hormones are doing their own thing, these symptoms are a sign that your hormones are heading towards disaster and it is time to do something about it

Home: Welcome

Most of us DON'T understand the link between what you eat and how you feel

PMS is the alarm bells going off......
Your body is screaming that something is out of balance and it is trying to get you to change.
If your PMS is frequent and recurring, preventing you from living your life, the fire alarm is going off in your body.
You have to remember that it took years to throw your hormones out of balance, and that balancing them can take months and years, and  you have to start somewhere... RIGHT HERE. Learn how seed cycling, plus what foods will support you in what phases of your cycle. Not only will you learn how to Seed Cycle, you will learn the improtance of managing your blood sugar, cortisol and stress. You will learn about endocrine disruptors. 






How the 28 days will work

All coaching and trainings are done in my private Facebook group Learn how to Seed Cycling 

April 19th 2024 the Facebook group Opens, where you will get all recipes to support you in your cycle.

Plus your first LIVE training to ask all questions to prepare you for the 28 days that we are together.

During the 28 days in the group you will get daily posts and bonus vidoes to help you understand what is going on in your body and to keep you motivated.

I am in the group daily to answer any and all questions

Plus 2 more LIVE coaching Sessions during the 28 days

What you get for the 28 days

You will get a guide to seed cycling plus recipes to support each phase of your cycle

Daily posts in our private Facebook group

3 LIVE coaching sessions

  • LIVE Training on How your Cycle works

  • LIVE Training Seed Cycling

  • LIVE Training Lifestyle Actions

Bonus videos; managing blood sugar, stress + cortisol, and gut health

Group Support

Private Facebook group

Why seed cycle?

Seed cycling is one of the easiest ways you can support your hormones in a gentle, yet effective way.

This simple practice helps support balanced hormone levels

Plus learning how to eat for each phase of your cycle with lots of yummy receipes.

What you will learn?

You will learn which foods heal and which harm during your cycle. You will learn what foods are best in what part of your cycle plus how stress and working out affect your body.

You will learn how to manage your blood sugar and digestion during each phase of your cycle.

Are you ready?

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