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Exercise and Healthy Diet

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Presented by Tanya Snow
Jan 4th 7pm
Blood Sugar and how it is affect your body
Jan 11th 7pm
Gut Health and sugar 

Jan 4th 

Blood Sugar and how it is affecting your body. 

I will cover what is blood sugar, how it affects your body and how it can be causing you to feel, tired, anxious, bloated, and can be causing you to be sick all the time. By learning to balance your blood sugar you will improve all areas of your health, your weight, sleep, cravings, mood, energy levels and can even slow down the aging process.

We go deep in the 60 minute LIVE masterclass.

Jan 11th

Gut Health and Blood Sugar

You will learn about your microbiome, and how eating sugar affects the bacteria that live in your gut. 

Why we here in North American have the worst guts.

What can cause dysbiosis in the gut, you guessed it SUGAR.

How your diet could be harming your gut.

Why eating for a healthy gut is way more important than probiotics or fermented foods.

Join me for this conversation about how we can start taking care of the gut Jan 11th 

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