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Bell Pepper

Join Tanya in her
FREE 3 DAY Sugar Detox 

Starting  Friday  Jan 12  2024  

Facebook group Opens Friday Jan 12 2024

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Many of us are consuming sugar at dangerous levels without even knowing it. If you're addicted to sugar

Eating is the most important act you will perform daily.
Food turns out to be the biggest driver for rapid change in your overall health.
That makes eating the most important act you perform every day. 

Believe me it is hard to know what foods are going to make you feel good and which ones don't.
It wasn't that long ago, that I was there eating all the easy to prepare foods, high in sugars, not knowing what half the ingredients on the label meant, and I woke up aching and sore, not understand those are symptoms from the foods I was eating.
I was waking up tired even after 8 hours a sleep, also due to my poor food choices and late night snacking.
My energy levels where low. I was crashing at 3pm daily reaching for a pick me up, like a coffee or chocolate.
I was reaching for dessert right after I ate my meals. Again all symptoms from my addition to sugar and proccesed foods
I was there! And that is how I created my FREE 3 day sugar detox
For you to dip your toe into eating healthy

Fruits and Vegetables

How the Detox Works

All coaching and trainings are done in my private Facebook group for the Detox

Jan 12th 2024 the Facebook group Opens you will get all recipes and meal plan

Plus your first LIVE training to ask all questions to prepare you for the 3 days of Detoxing 

During the week in the group you will get daily posts and vidoes to help you understand what is going on in your body and to keep you motivated.

I am in the group daily to answer any and all questions

Plus 2 more LIVE coaching Sessions during the DETOX

What you get in the challenge

You will receive 

Meal plan plus all the recipes

Daily posts in our private Facebook group

2 LIVE coaching sessions

Daily videos

Group Support

Private Facebook group

Why cut sugar for 3 days?

There is a reason we cut out sugar completely, it gives our bodies the chance to recalibrate.

We need to find a new set point. So yes you need to cut out all sugar. It gives the body the chance to rid itself of cravings and swings.

We will be cutting out sugar in all her hiden names, dairy, gulten, most fruits and some veggies and legumes. YES that sounds like a lot but this is not about deprivation. It is also not about eating bland boring foods.

It's about resetting your biology, I promise lots of yummy meals and lots of food choices.

What you will learn?

You will learn which foods heal and which harm. The right foods balance your hormones, reset your brain chemistry and generate healing and weight loss. You’ll also learn about hidden ingredients in common foods that hijack your hormones, brain chemistry and metabolism driving food addiction and weight gain. 

Are you ready?

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