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Join Tanya in her

5 day to reset your GUT and learn to take it to the next level

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What happens in 5 day!

First you will learn about the gut and how digestion works.

Your GUT has trillion of bacteria, and what you are eating is affecting them.and you in a big Way!

That means you need to know what  foods are hurting your gut and how to take out the factors that are disrupting the gut bacteria.

Think of your gut as a garden, you need to weed out the plants you don't want or that are over taking the flowers and veggies you actually want growing in your graden.

That means good bye bad bacteria and hello good bacteria.

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This is all about the microbiome, how it affects our everyday health and how we can learn to support this thriving eco system in our gut.


In the 5 days you will learn to fuel your microbiome and your body for the best results, by changing the way you eat even for 5 days you can jump start your health journey and start taking your health back. Plus the habits that you will learn in the 5 days will help you in the long term.

Facebook Group Opens TBA

The 5 days includes

  • Meal plan and recipes

  • 5 LIVE coaching session

  • Daily Posts and support

  • All in a supportive Private Facebook group, of like minded people doing the same thing.

Investment $44.44

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