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Join Tanya in her
Gut Healing Program

" Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

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5 WEEKS to a Healthier GUT

Healing your GUT is so much more than just the foods you eat!
YES food plays a massive role in the health of your gut but there is so much more than just food,
in this program we look at the bigger picture, FOOD, SLEEP, MOVEMENT and STRESS.

We have to start somewhere so we dive into how FOOD affects the gut.
You get full access to my 10 Day Sugar Detox Starting Jan 15, 2024
By starting with the detox you actual eliminate the foods that are trigger the inflammation in your gut.
Each week after the detox you will get recipes and ideas on how to contiune to support the healing proccess of your gut with food for the whole program.

Fresh Produce

Your GUT in the foundation of your health

Your GUT is the foundation of your health.

If your foundation is crambling



GI discomfort

Problems sleeping

Chronic diarrhea



 Heartburn (acid reflux) after eating certain foods

The list goes on.....

How can your house be stable?

Let me show you how to re build your foundation so that you can start thriving in your own body.

When you have cracks, you are not getting the nutrients you need.

That mean your hormones are going to be out of whack.

That means you are not thriving but in survial mode.

Your GUT is your first line of defense in your body, and if there are cracks you are not feeling your best.

So what if you took 5 WEEKS to clean up your foundation, clean up your gut and see how good you can actually feel.

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