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30 day Smoothie Challenge

Healthy habits fuels a healthy life.

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Dearest Tanya

You are an amazing and inspiring woman.

It never ceases to amaze me at the connection, care and instinct you bring to each class. You give of yourself deeply and authentically: that is a true gift. The past few years of my life have been punctuated with grief and loss and I just want you to know that my time with you has had a huge healing and therapeutic impact on my life. Please accept my sincerest and deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Smoothie Ingredients

30 day Smoothie Challenge

It is really simple.

For 30 days you drink a smoothie each day.

Yup you read that right!! Just think of all the benefits you'll be getting by added these nutrient dense drinks to your day. During the smoothie challenge just like anything else it is all about creating balance, so that means you can add your smoothie as a snack, dessert or a meal it is whatever works best for you and your lifestyle. And when that day comes and you forget, don't have time, haven't hit up the store yet for all the ingredients no worries. Tomorrow is a new day just start fresh.

The 30 day smoothie challenge is all about committing to a habit, and I am here to make that as easy as possible with support, tricks and tips along the way so that we are all standing at the finish line together, just with really nutrient dense, disease fighting antioxidant filled yummy drinks. Each week of the challenge you'll get a weekly smoothie guide, recipes and shopping list. You will have access to my smoothie Facebook group, in the group I will go LIVE 2 times each week, with tips and tricks for making the best smoothies, plus daily posts to keep you motivated during the 30 days.

Are you ready?

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