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Holding an Apple

Upleve your Detox 

Take it to the next LEVEL and do the full 21 DAYS


Book in for your Detox to the next level with 1:1 coaching
with Tanya Snow

Book in for 3 or 5 session

Feeling so good, and don't want to lose the momentum od the detox.

Work with Tanya to craft menu's with delicious recipes while incorporating the healing rituals and habits you learned in the detox. You can also dig into chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and how these casue low energy.


Or book in for some hormonal balancing tips along with a clear road map to help release excess hormones with seed cycling while learningto  create a meal plan that will help you detox, bet bloat and start burning fat. Common hormonal symptoms, such as weight gain, mood swings, poor digestion, brain fog, insomnia, hot flashes, and the most bothersome symptom of all, abdominal bloat and belly fat, are all caused by unbalanced hormones. It's time you take your health back into yor own hands.



Does your body need longer to heal from the years of over eating sugar learn how to take the detox to the next level. Let Tanya teach you which foods heal and which harm. Learn the right foods balance your hormones, reset your brain chemistry and generate healing and weight loss. You’ll also learn about hidden ingredients in common foods that hijack your hormones, brain chemistry and metabolism driving food addiction and weight gain. 

Up Level the Detox Special's

3 1:1 sessions 60 minutes Zoom Meetings

Investment $166

5 1:1 session 60 minutes Zoom Meetings

Investment $266

Not sure this is the right program book in with a FREE 15 minute session with Tanya

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I need this RESET

I am over feeling tired and unhealthy and I want to feel energized and healthy!

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